A New Year's Rose
نویسنده : اکبر نعمتی - ساعت ۸:٠۳ ‎ب.ظ روز ۱۳۸٤/۱٠/۸


I Think Of YOU!
نویسنده : اکبر نعمتی - ساعت ٤:۱٩ ‎ب.ظ روز ۱۳۸٤/۱٠/٦

I Think Of YOU!

As I watch the snow
Gently falling down,
I think of how much
I wish you were around.

But since for now
That is not meant to be,
I'll be content
With your memory.

I watch each day
For your e-mail,
And it brings a smile
To my day without fail.

I can't wait for the day
When we speak face to face,
No one in this world
Could take your place!

Thinking Of You, My Friend!

نویسنده : اکبر نعمتی - ساعت ۱۱:۱۱ ‎ق.ظ روز ۱۳۸٤/۱٠/٥
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