If I Could Choose
نویسنده : اکبر نعمتی - ساعت ۳:۱۳ ‎ب.ظ روز ۱۳۸٥/۱۱/٤

If I Could Choose

If I could choose a guarding angel,
One that would always watch out for me,
I know right now, without a doubt,
Just who I would choose for me.

It would be someone
Who I know always cares,
Someone with whom I feel free
My inner-most thoughts to share.

Yes! It would be the one
Who talks with me and who listens to me,
When I am about to fall;
The one who would be here for me and
Go with me though it all.

It would be someone who prays for me
And knows of my strength
And my weakness, my faults
And, yet, would love me still.

So, if it were that I could choose
The one to help watch over me,
Dear One, would you my angel be?