Point of View



I've heard it said, "Don't go to bed
While hanging on to sorrow.
You may not have the chance to laugh
With those you love tomorrow."
You may not mean the words you speak
When anger takes its toll.
You may regret your actions
Once you've lost your self control.


When you've lost your temper
And you've said some hurtful things,
Think about the heartache
That your action sometimes brings.
You'll never get those moments back,
Such precious time to waste,
And all because of things you said
In anger and in haste.


So if you're loving someone
And your pride has settled in,
You may not ever have the chance
To say to them again,
"I love you and I miss you
And although we don't agree,
I'll try to see your point of view,
Please do the same for me."

Akbar Nemati


/ 7 نظر / 23 بازدید

خيلي متن هات قشنگه

**dogholoha.sara va zahra**

salam salam....... belakhare update shod.... bebinim kia hanooz ma ro yadeshone...... nazar yadet nare........ movafagh bashi...........


سلام..خيلی جالب بود مخصوصا Please do the same for me. موفق باشی


هوش بيکران تو را از هر جهت هدايت خواهد کرد ، تندرستی کامل از آن توست و قانون هماهنگی بر ذهن و جسمت حاکم است ، زيبايی ، محبت ، آرامش و فراوانی از آن توست ، اصل عمل صحيح و نظم الهی بر تمام زندگيت حکومت می کند . هميشه آسمانی باشی


زندگی رسمی نيست که لب طاقچهء عادت از ياد من و تو برود. عالی بود ممنون